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Financial – Consulting – Audit – Business – Investment – Design

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SOLAINO Group offers its international clients advice and tailored financial services in three areas of activity: Wealth Management, Asset Management, Securities                       

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In our group we are convinced that every one who, according to their capabilities, should maintain achievement and development along its entire existence.
The people, like companies, are creatures in power and development; We are never finished, there is always a new possibility, and only we can learn to grow and develop our capabilities.
Therefore, we must increase our personal skills and knowledge, and our company will be better able to offer more and better services. Nobody grows alone. Growth is achieved through join efforts; interacting with others: best company, best worker, citizen and family better.

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Financial – Consulting – Audit – Business – Investment – Design

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we are proud to have, inside the group, with a great team of professionals highky qualified in their respective roles. Engineers, builders, lawyers, financiers, sales persons, consultants, designers, etc. All avilable to provide our customers, partners and investors, optimal solutions necessary to accomplish all its projects.

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